Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trampoline Safety

Big Game Hunters offer you Safety Advice:

With the season fast approaching you might be thinking of getting your trampoline back out of the shed or garage.

Think safety first!

We at Big Game Hunters believe that safety has to come first.

A trampoline will last you if it has been properly looked after and stored through the winter months.

When you erect it again for the summer the trampoline should be treated exactly as it was when you first purchased it.

Once you have your trampoline erected, you will then be able to check over your equipment.

• Check the trampoline springs – no stretching or broken parts if you twist the spring there should no weakness

• Check the trampoline bed – no holes or snags, moths just love the beds. Make sure there is no sagging.

• Check the trampoline pads – no holes or warn parts

• Check the trampoline frame – no damage to the legs or main frame and that the legs are locked in place.

These are the basic requirements before you allow your pride and joy to bounce away.

At Big Game Hunters we supply spare trampoline parts as well as new trampolines.

If you didn't have a cover, ladder or enclosure last year these are available to fit your trampoline and can be purchased at any time.

Set the rules:

• My turn! One person at a time, at all times.

• No somersaults! Don't try risky stunts like somersaults and flips

• Always bounce in the middle of the trampoline

• Never jump off! You could hurt yourself by jumping off the trampoline onto the ground. To get off, stop bouncing and then climb down.

• Stand back! Keep away from the trampoline when someone else is jumping

• Watch out underneath! Never go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping.

• Out of bounds! Don't use the trampoline if you see a rip or split in the mat, or if the padding has come away from the metal springs.

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